New Intern Spotlight: Molly Morelock

My name is Molly Morelock. I am a sophomore English major with a concentration in Writing and Publication and a minor in Journalism. I was originally born in Guangzhou, China, but I was adopted at three months old by my single mother. I would consider myself a very simple person. I do not have too many interests other than writing, reading, watching Teen Wolf and the Food Network, and roaming around social media. However, what I am interested in, I am very enthusiastic about. Writing is my life. Just recently I was asked to write an essay about why I wanted to be a writer, and to answer, it is purely because it is what I am born to do. I don’t consider myself a particularly good writer, and I have much to learn. In fact, if given the opportunity, I would rather be an editor for a publication company and read the work of others than write my own. Nonetheless, it is still my number one passion, and maybe one day I’ll write a bestselling novel and make millions.

Other than writing, I am also very involved in my sorority. I am currently a member of the national service sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma. One trait about me is that I am usually quiet and keep to myself, so joining a social organization was never on the top of my list. However, Gamma Sig is different. They work for the community and open their arms to both national and local philanthropies. Now I don’t know what I would do without all the great friends and mentors I have come to know. This year I was actually elected to be the Recording Secretary on council, and I can’t wait to expand our small organization into something bigger and more influential.

As an English major, I have been told countless times that my life will be hard, jobs will be scarce, and I will make very little money. The University Press has completely changed my expectations of the future, and I can’t wait to learn more about the job I hope to have some day. Opportunities like this don’t come around often, so I hope to make the most of it and learn something new every day.