Coming Soon- Turn Back before Baghdad

January 15, 1991: Saddam Hussein’s last day to peacefully withdraw troops from Kuwait before the United States takes lethal action. Hussein fails to comply and the United States prepares to launch a series of attacks on Iraqi forces, in attempt to bring an end to the war over the oil province in Kuwait. The mission is appropriately titled Operation Desert Storm.

Accompanied with commentary from Laurence Jolidon, Turn Back before Baghdad is a collection of firsthand dispatches from American and British correspondents in the thick of the action. The accounts cover a wide-array of activity, including: stealthy missions, supply shipments, infiltration missions, and individual soldier statuses, to name a few.

Turn Back before Baghdad is an exciting and emotional read. Experience Operation Desert Storm day-by-day, and learn intimate details from the soldiers who lived through them. The University of North Georgia Press is thrilled to announce the release of Turn Back before Baghdad, coming in [insert date].