Papers and Pubs Volume 2

This year’s issue of Papers and Pub(lication)s is now online. See it here.

Congratulations and thanks to all the authors who participated. We’re excited to see the journal growing; if you’re an undergraduate or have just graduated (we’ll soon be changing our cutoff date to within one year of graduation rather than six months), consider the possibility of submitting to us next spring. It’s a great opportunity to see the publication process, which can be a bit scary at first, but we can helpĀ  you through it and let you gain the experience to continue publishing further research. Especially if you want a career in academia or another research-heavy field, Papers and Pubs could let you proceed with great confidence.

Even if you aren’t keen to publish, we hope you’ll enjoy the ideas and findings presented in this volume. Support budding researchers by reading their articles; they worked hard to bring new information to the world.

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