Books to Motivate Your New Year

The start of a new year always begins with hopes and dreams of everything you want to accomplish. That usually means resolutions, purchasing a gym membership, and adding more books on your TBR list. Or maybe you’re a frazzled mess that needs a little bit of guidance. We have a couple of books that will help you start the new year right.


1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

A bold title for bold beginnings. This book is here to give you the raw and real advice necessary to kick start the year. Through entertaining anecdotes and ruthless humor, this book forces you to dive deep and be introspective. This will help you to determine your goals for this new year and actually start on the path to achieve them.




2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

If you have been down any self-help aisle in a bookstore, you’ve seen this book. This is a world-renowned book chock-full of stories from presidents, CEOs, educators, and individuals across the world. These stories are ones of improvement through integrity, service, dignity, and success. Qualities like these are necessary to be successful in your new year, so check this book out for more insight on how to put your best foot forward.



3. The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin

Looking for a transformative year? Then this is definitely the book for you. Follow along as the author uses all of the methods in the title (and more) to find true contentment. Rubin dedicated a year to her happiness project, and this light-hearted but inspiring read will encourage you to be the best you that you can be.




4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondō

Take spring cleaning to a whole new level with this book. Kondō is a Japanese cleaning consultant that helps you find the best method to have a more organized space. This will help you not only be able to navigate your space, but be able to find the drive to start the new year right.





5. Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I always find that auto-biographies by my favorite comedians are just as helpful as any of the other books listed above. This book follows the life and times of Parks and Rec star Amy Poehler. It chronicles all of the best, worst, and in-between moments that led her to be who she is today. Its vulnerable and honest writing is relatable and full of advice for your new year endeavors.




Whatever your plans may be for the new year, we hope that these books can help you be on the right track. Got any other self-help suggestions for us? Leave a comment or visit us at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to tell us!

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