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Books are the gateway to understanding the world around us. Whether that be through a history book or Harry Potter, there is something that can be learned from these stories. In our formative years, it is essential for us to have these stories to learn, fantasize, and grow. However, many children do not have the same access or encouragement to read as others do. This sparked the creation of International Book Giving Day.

International Book Giving Day originated in the United Kingdom and has spread across the world. On this day, people are encouraged to share the power of reading. Participants do this through sharing their favorite books and stories by giving them to someone else.

Interested in giving a book or two? We have a few ways that you can participate locally in International Book Giving Day.

1. Donating books to a Free Little Library

Ever see a little birdhouse full of books? These are Free Little Libraries! They are places where you can take a book and, in turn, give a book back to keep it stockpiled. There are many of these set up in public spaces that you can find in towns and cities across the globe. Looking for one in Dahlonega? Go to the Conner Memorial Garden across from Shenanigan’s and exchange a book or two!

2. Book Collection/Recycling Programs

There are also many programs that are both local and international that you can donate to. These programs donate books to people that may not have access to libraries or other places where you can get books. Programs that the organizers suggest are Room to Read, The Book Bus, and First Book.

3. Donate to someone you know

Want to do something more personal? Then you can just go to your closest friend or family member and give them the opportunity to read something new. This will help to learn something new about the world around them and get them excited about reading.

International Book Giving Day is on February 14th, or Valentines Day! Share your love of books by sharing one of your favorites. Use some of our tips above on how you can share your favorite novels. Got any more ways that you think people could share reading to the next generation? Comment your strategy in the comments or tell us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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