A Reflection of My Journey with the Press

I started with the UNG Press at the end of May 2019, and I was a bit nervous about being able to figure out how to get the Press’s voice to show through my writing. Occasionally I second guessed my ability as a writer, but once the nerves left so did those feelings. It also took me a couple weeks to get used to sitting down for work since I’m used to my serving job. I was a bit fidgety. It didn’t take me long to get adjusted and I feel like I quickly made good friends with all the ladies in the office. They are easy to talk to and fun to work with.

Before diving into it, my predetermined assumption of the internship was that I would be logged into the Press’s social media pages and constantly creating content for each platform as if I were a social media addict. That was not the case. I did create some content such as blog posts and Twitter posts, but I wasn’t posting things 24/7. For promoting businesses via social media, I’ve learned that there is a such thing as too much information. It’s best to find a balance of what the audience wants across each platform. I did however get a good all-around education from the Press learning a little bit about different types of tasks within the publishing industry.

Photo by Courtney Hedger, Unsplash

At the Press, I have some learned some valuable information. I knew that communication is very important when working on projects related to writing and publishing, but with this internship, I really learned just how imperative quick and honest communication makes a Press run smoothly. In addition to communication, I have also learned useful information regarding technology and marketing. I learned how to use Canva, which is comparable to an easy-version of Photoshop, to create promotional images for the Press’s social media platforms. I also learned about the statistics of publishing-related trending hashtags for Instagram and Twitter. Honestly, I have learned so much that I could probably write a separate blog about it. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity that Dr. Robinson, Corey, and Jillian have given me, and I am forever grateful for the constructive feedback that Jillian has given me to enhance my writing skills. Kirstin is the lovely lady I shared the office with this summer, and I have greatly enjoyed our conversations and jamming out to music. I highly recommend this internship to others, and I hope to work with the Press more in the future as I continue on to the next step.

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