The Global Conflicts in Beyond Vom Kriege

Beyond Vom Kriege: The Character and Conduct of Modern War offers a look into global conflicts under six American presidents. Often, it’s hard to claim if an operation was successful. The difference in opinion can depend on the operation’s purpose, the time between the operation and the reflection, and new leaders in a nation.

R. D. Hooker’s personal experiences allow a unique comparison between conflicts in contemporary American history. The conflicts below are five of the many included in Beyond Vom Kriege.

Grenada—Operation Urgent Fury
President: Ronald Reagan
Purpose: A multinational intervention prompted by the power takeover of the New Jewel Movement and Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.

Operation Provide Relief
President: George W. H. Bush
Purpose: A United Nations-endorsed response to the famine and medical crisis caused by the Somali Civil War.

Operation Restore Hope
Year: 1993
President: Bill Clinton
Purpose: A continuation of Operation Provide Relief. The UN adopted Resolution 794 to create a task force to “secure [the] environment for humanitarian relief operations in Somalia” because many supplies dropped during Operation Provide Relief were stolen.

Afghanistan—Operation Enduring Freedom
George W. Bush
Counterterrorism operations against the Taliban and al-Qaeda, including leader Osama bin Laden, after the September 11 attacks.

Iraq—Operation Iraqi Freedom
George W. Bush
To end Saddam Hussein’s control and to find and seize weapons of mass destruction.

Read a sample chapter of Beyond Vom Kriege or learn more about America’s performance in war. Beyond Vom Kriege releases globally July 21, 2020.

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