Intern Spotlight: Emily Stachelczyk

Hello readers! My name is Emily Stachelczyk, and I am a senior here at UNG. I’m majoring in English with a Literature concentration and a double minor in History and the Spanish Language. My love for publishing is new, but my passion for editing is something I’ve had ever since my Dad marked through my essays with a red pen when I was eleven. After completing the Introduction to Publishing course in the spring, my goal was to intern at the University Press, so I’m beyond thrilled to finally be here.

When I have free time, you can usually catch me thrift shopping, hanging out with friends, watching movies, or going to the local library. Lately I have been playing as a Wood Elf in my local Dungeons and Dragons party and have gone back to my roots with J.R.R. Tolkien novels! If you were to look at my bookshelf, you would notice that my tastes in literature lean towards gothic and science-fiction. In fact, one of my favorite childhood books was an illustrated paperback collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and my first ever Kindle book was The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. Right now, I am reading Sarah J. Maas’s masterpiece House of Earth and Blood and an Agatha Christie-inspired novel, The Hunting Party by Lucy Folly. I highly recommend both! As a side hobby, I have been inspired to try culinary experiments based on authors and novels, like the H. P. Lovecraft inspired cookbook The Necronomnomnom: A Cookbook of Eldritch Horror by Mike Slater.

Ever since sixth grade, I knew I wanted to work with novels. The more time I spent reviewing my peers’ essays, the more I realized that I could be a contributor in a novel’s journey to the hands of its reader. To that end, my goal is to work in a publishing company or with a university that focuses on academic writing and fiction, specifically with a focus on the Spanish language and expanding the variety of literature available in Spanish. Over the course of my internship, I would like to become a professional with the industry standards—editing, copywriting, proofreading, design, and marketing production—in a collegiate environment that has inspired me and promotes academia for the community and the University of North Georgia students.

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