First Line Friday: “There is something wrong with this cooking class.”

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“There is something wrong with this cooking class.”

There is something wrong with this cooking class, Joseph thought as he looked at the mystery protein. Every day, there seemed to be more of it sitting at his bench although no one knew where it came from. And as the days passed, he noticed how off their instructor was. One student had stayed after the class to talk to Mrs. Wilkes about grades. That was two days ago and Stu hadn’t returned to the class since.  Whatever the reason, everyone kept dropping her class. Joseph was determined to stick it out and get an A. Joseph glanced at the board for today’s lesson. Stu Stew?

Emily Stachelczyk

There is something wrong with this cooking class. The teacher’s never on time. She shows up 30 minutes late in a flustered tizzy. A beret rests on her head instead of a chef’s hat, she never has an apron, and she always forgets her cookbooks at home. She rarely brings enough ingredients for the whole class to cook, and when someone burns the cookies or sets their fish on fire, she laughs. She says that cooking is about the fun you have, not the taste of the food. No wonder she got kicked out of the acting class next door.

Sarah Morris

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