Black-Owned Bookstores in Georgia

With the increased interest in purchasing from black-owned businesses, we have compiled a list of black-owned bookstores that are local to Georgia. These independent bookstores all cater to various audiences, from children’s books to rare African American Literature. Many of these sellers have collections from authors such as Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, and Zora Neale Hurston as well as contemporary authors. Visit each site for details about online ordering and in-store hours.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported that Posman Books is a black-owned bookstore. Though Posman Books is an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and promotes inclusivity through literature, it is not black-owned and has been removed from this list.

1. For Keeps Books
For Keeps Books, located in Atlanta, is a black-owned bookstore that carries specifically black, rare and classic books. In addition, the bookstore carries records and merchandise that are intertwined with black culture.

The storefront of Medu Books. The bookstore name is in gold and a line of books sits in the window.

2. Medu Bookstore
Medu Bookstore has been operating in Atlanta since 1989. Medu, meaning “Power of the Word,” is a thriving bookstore that focuses on selling books that increase and contribute to cultural awareness. In addition to selling books, the store accepts book submissions from authors and also hosts lectures and book signings.

4. Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore
Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore, in Lithuania, is a store that has a coffee shop, bookstore, and other African American culture products and items. In addition, they host a weekly internet radio show, “The Urban Politician.”

The owners of Listening Tree Books standing inside their store surrounding by books.

3. Listening Tree Books
Listening Tree Books is located in Decatur and offers a book club for children that is inclusive to all ages and cultures. In addition, they also have a Young Entrepreneurs program which helps children understand American economics and the processes behind running and owning a business.

6. Nubian Books
Nubian Books, located in Morrow, sells primarily African American literature. It is an independent bookstore that promotes inclusivity and education.

The logo of Brave + Kind Books, a children's bookstore. The name is overlaid on a stack of colorful children's books.

5. Brave + Kind Books
Brave + Kind Books is a black-owned children’s bookstore in Decatur. The store intentionally carries diverse and educational books for all young readers. The location offers workshops, virtual book clubs, and events.

7. Good Books
Good Books, whose slogan is “Celebrating Blackness through Literature,” is a black-owned bookstore located in Atlanta. This store only sells pieces from influential black authors, including collections from Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, and Octavia Butler.

8. Moore Books
Moore Books, in Rincon, is owned by a black couple whose goal is to help share literature that empowers people. The store offers a wide collection of books from a range of authors, including classic novels from black authors such as Langston Hughes as well as self-help books and spiritual contemporary literature.

9. Onyx Bookstore Cafe
Onyx Bookstore Cafe, located in Atlanta, is a coffee shop and independent bookstore. They also support and carry art from local artists.

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    1. Thank you for pointing out our mistake. We’ll correct the article and make a note of the change.

  1. I noticed many of your book stores on the list seem to be in the metro Atlanta area; perhaps something which cannot be helped, and also that this article is a few years old as I write. I recommend a new list that might include more locations outside the metro Atlanta area. For my part I recommend Homeland Village Cultural Center in Macon, Georgia. I hope to see an updated article someday, and thanks for the list,

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