First Line Friday: “The dusty gas station was still and quiet.”

In our quest to encourage creativity, we post a writing prompt every other Friday. Write a story with the prompt as the first line. Share your story below or on social media using the tag #FirstLineFriday. We can’t wait to see your stories!

“The dusty gas station was still and quiet.”

The dusty gas station was still and quiet. A red Camaro roared into the gas station, startling some lizards. “Just in time!” hollered Courtney from the driver’s seat. Taylor grinned and swiped her card in the reader. “If we keep making great time, we’ll reach Truth or Consequences by nightfall,” said Courtney looking through her map. A crow circled overhead and eyed them hungrily, the desert wind whipping around them. “That’s the fourth one we’ve seen. Are you sure there isn’t a crow road nearby?” “If there was, we’d be able to cross over by now. Mother Superior says it’s in New Mexico.” answered Courtney. As the crow flew clockwise over the station, it dipped and vanished into its trail.

Emily Stachelczyk

The dusty gas station was still and quiet, perfect for raiding food from. I cupped my hands around my eyes and peered into the gas station market. Aisles of chips and candies lined the store’s interior. Jackpot. I headed to the entrance and pulled a lock pick out of my jacket pocket and brought it to the keyhole. I worked on the lock for a moment before it clicked open. I entered and headed straight for the crackers on the first aisle, when a creak from behind the front counter stopped me short.

“What are you doing here, little girl?”

Sarah Morris

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