My Time with the Press

As the end of the semester approaches, I can’t help the bittersweet feelings that I have knowing that my time with the UNG Press is coming to a close. I was hesitant about how my internship would look with the drastic changes that have taken place on campus because of COVID-19. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the adaptability of the Press internship and how well the new guidelines for this semester have been put into place. It seems as if the semester has flown by; regardless, I have learned loads of valuable information during my time with the Press.

I first came aware of the Press internship when I was taking the introduction to publishing course that was required for my major. I had not had much interest in publishing previously, but after the course, I had a deep admiration for the world of publishing and I was eager to do an internship in the field. Upon finding out about the UNG Press, I knew I wanted to be a part of the internship for the following semester. I was nervous about my lack of experience in publishing, but the members of the Press have taught me so much about the industry and the hard work that goes into it.

I am pleased to say that I will be leaving the Press with new skills and confidence about my abilities in publishing. The Press internship helped me piece together both pre-existing knowledge and things I had no recollection of previously. I am hopeful that after working with the Press during my internship, I will be able to pursue a successful career in publishing with a full understanding of the commitment the position holds. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work with the Press, and I am excited to see what doors this internship will open for me in the future.

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