First Line Friday: “The little girl throws her head back and laughs.”

In our quest to encourage creativity, we post a writing prompt every other Friday. Write a story with the prompt as the first line. Share your story below or on social media using the tag #FirstLineFriday. We can’t wait to see your stories!

“The little girl throws her head back and laughs.”

The little girl throws her head back and laughs as she completes a full revolution around the merry-go-round. Cotton candy stains her lips and cheeks bubblegum pink and neon blue. The girl smiles and feels the reassurance of the smooth, mechanical rotation of the ride. Her mother stands beside her, lovingly gazing at her daughter’s bright eyes and adjusting her loose pigtails. The mother’s lips break into a grin as the moment of bliss overcomes her before worry wedges itself into her mind. Her mouth contorts to a warped frown and the weight of the world returns to her shoulders.

Sarah Morris

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