5 Reasons We Love the Library

From stepping into your very first library and experiencing the greatness of limitless reads to spending endless hours in a quiet study area with your head buried deep in a new book, there are numerous reasons that so many of us love the library. As Library Lovers Day nears, we decided to compile a few of our favorite things about the sacred place known as the library.

1. The librarians. To know a librarian is to love a librarian. Librarians provide a wealth of knowledge and they are research wizards when it comes to finding articles, books, and resources—both online and in the library.

2. The silence. Sometimes, all we need is an extra quiet place so that we can think. Whether it’s to escape loud roommates or crank out an extra-long paper, the silence of the library is both inviting and comforting for various reasons.

3. The energy. The library is clearly a place where people find the opportunity to get things done. While both quiet and informational, for many, the library is inspirational. Next time you are unable to focus on a math assignment or get through a troubling textbook, visit your local library for the energy boost you may need.

4. The tools. The library is an excellent place to go when looking for a specific article, essay, or book for any type of project. There are search tools and resources that are unmatchable to other free, public resources. As always, librarians are always willing to help each visitor make the most of these tools.

5. Free books If you’re unsure of purchasing a new title you have discovered, or if you are just looking to browse through the numerous titles, the library is the perfect place for all reading ventures. Even better, libraries provide free books for their local communities to check out and return.

What is your favorite library memory? Share it below! Learn more about the UNG Library and the Chestatee Regional Library System now.

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