Tales from the Cold War Shares A Soldier’s Story in the Interzonal Border Between East and West Germany

Elizabeth Odom

  • Tales from the Cold War is a memoir about author Michael D. Mahler’s life and service in Germany from 1960–1975.
  • The AUSA title reflects upon lessons and challenges Mahler experienced as he rose in rank in the U.S. Army.
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Dahlonega, GA—The University of North Georgia (UNG) Press is pleased to announce our latest AUSA Book Program title: Tales from the Cold War: The U.S. Army in West Germany, 1960—1975, releasing December 28, 2021.

            Tales from the Cold War is one man’s memoir about his service time in Germany during the Cold War. Colonel Michael D. Mahler (Ret.) first went to Germany in 1960. At the end of his service, he spent over a decade in Germany, raised his family there, and commanded the 3rd Armored Division’s cavalry squadron at Büdingen. In his memoir, Mahler reflects on the lessons from the senior leaders of World War II, the building of the Berlin Wall, and the unique challenges that come with command.

            At the beginning, Mahler is still a young service man, newly married. By the end, he was the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff and the Director of the Personnel Plans and Policy Division. His story is told first from the point of view of a new lieutenant, then as an experienced platoon leader, and finally, as a skilled company commander.

            Mike Mahler graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1958. He spent the next several years commanding small armored cavalry and tank units in the United States and Germany before assignment to the English Department at the U.S. Military Academy. Mahler served in Vietnam, commanded an armored cavalry squadron on the interzonal border between East and West Germany, and was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel and Administration for the 21-state First Army area in the Eastern United States. He retired from the Army in 1982 as a colonel. Mahler now lives in Montana and is the author of Ringed in Steel: Armored Cavalry, Vietnam 1967-68.

            As partner to the AUSA Book Program, the UNG Press will aid AUSA’s educational mission by producing high-quality books to be designated as “AUSA Books.” These books will address such subjects as military land power and land warfare history, technology, combat, and strategy and tactics. This curated collection will serve to help and educate members of the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the AUSA, U.S. government officials, and the general public. To further these goals, AUSA will promote these titles by linking them to AUSA’s website, listing them in AUSA publications as a member benefit, and reviewing them in ARMY magazine or other AUSA publications.

            Tales from the Cold War: The U.S. Army in West Germany, 1960—1975 (978-1-940771-92-2) costs $19.99 and is a 6-by-9-inch perfect-bound paperback. Wholesalers can purchase copies from Ingram; individuals can purchase copies from their favorite independent bookstore and other major retailers. More details can be found at the UNG Press’s website: ung.edu/university-press

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