‘Slides for Students’ Author Gary Fisk to Present at Teaching Matters Conference

Gary Fisk, author of Slides for Students, will share a presentation about PowerPoint best practices at the 20th annual Teaching Matters Conference. According to its website, “Teaching Matters is an interdisciplinary teaching and learning Higher Ed conference” featuring “individual presentations, panel sessions, workshops, and posters [focused] on innovative and creative pedagogical methods, issues surrounding teaching and learning, and educational theories.”

Teaching Matters Conference
March 10–11, 2022
Gordon State College, Barnesville, GA

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About the book

300 million powerpoint presentations are given daily, yet there is a disconnect between the amazing technology of powerpoint and a mediocre student learning experience. To unleash the full potential of powerpoint presentations, we must do a better job of creating presentations that fit the educational needs of students. Slides for Students does just that.

Slides for Students is an open and honest discussion about powerpoint in the classroom. A need exists for thoughtfully designed and implemented classroom instruction that focuses on the learner rather than on the technology. This book was written to translate academic research findings into practical suggestions about powerpoint that educators can use. Divided into two parts, Slides for Students discusses the history of powerpoint, explores academic studies on the topic, and demonstrates how to design slides to best suit educational needs and engage with students to avoid the dreaded “death by powerpoint.”

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About the author

Gary D. Fisk is a professor of Psychology at Georgia Southwestern State University. He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Alabama, where he studied behavioral neuroscience. His areas of specialty include the study of how awareness emerges from the earliest stages of visual information processing in the brain and using technology to support and encourage student learning. These technologies include instructional web pages, Flash-based animations, online learning management systems, and PowerPoint software. In his free time, Dr. Fisk enjoys gardening and making homebrewed beer.

Looking to improve the design, clarity, and memorability of your presentations? Check out these instructional videos featuring Dr. Gary Fisk:

A Quick Guide to Making Stand-Alone PowerPoint Files (6:01)

Getting More Power Out Of PowerPoint Presentations: An Evidence-Based Approach (1:00:17)
Keynote Presentation at Middle Tennessee Psychological Association 2021
Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW)

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